The project complements the range of social services for children at risk in the city of Tirgu Neamt Pipirig and municipalities, Răuceşti, Neamt county, through the establishment of Regional Centre for mobilizing local resources for integrated services for children in difficulty. These services are innovative in the county of Neamt and aim to contribute to social inclusion of children at risk by involving representative members of local communities.

Center area of mobilizing local resources for integrated services for children in difficulty based in Targu Neamt city aims to provide information services / advice and support on action and intervention methods to prevent school dropouts family in the three local communities (Tirgu Neamt, Răuceşti and Pipirig) throughout the implementation and the sustainability of the project.

The main services offered to beneficiaries through established centers are:

  • education / literacy / mentoring; food, school supplies, leisure, psychological counseling for 150 children, as follows: 40 children in Targu Neamt, 95 children from Răuceşti, 15 children from Pipirig and health education to 330 beneficiaries: 150 children and 180 parents / legal representatives.

Qualitative indicators track by implementing the proposal are:

  • development and operation of the district child rights monitoring, an integral part of the national system;
  • diversification of information, awareness and sensitization of the general public and local communities on children's rights and promoting a proactive attitude in solving social cases concerning children in situations of risk;
  • strengthening the capacity of assuming parental responsibilities towards growth, care and education of their children;
  • reducing the number of children who dropped out of school or socio-economic reasons;
  • increasing the capacity of local authorities in taking the problems of children in terms of financial, human resources professionalization and development of services adapted to the specific needs identified;
  • increase in school dropout prevention services / family, set up in local communities in order to bring services to beneficiaries;
  • increasing the efficiency of public institutions and partnerships - private, for providing social services recipients.
  • The achievement of the counseling and support to prevent early school / family (30 sessions) and on health education for all beneficiaries proiectului- 72 sessions for 330 beneficiaries (150 children and 180 parents / legal representatives): 40 children and 50 parents / legal representatives of Tirgu Neamt, 95 children and 110 parents / legal representatives Răuceşti, 15 children and 20 parents / legal representatives Pipirig.

  • The organization and implementation of actions to promote the project and sharing of child rights.

  • Organize and conduct training sessions for staff involved in project implementation, and for 41 participants.

  • Incentives to beneficiaries in order to increase motivation and mobilize, consisting of: awards for 150 children who participated consistently in project activities: a camp organized at "Cozla" Piatra Neamt and an organized trip to Red Lake - Bicaz Keys in 2015 and a trip to Suceava 2016.

On April 30, all activities and objectives set initially were conducted according to the schedule being made following indicators: 150 children, of which 25 Roma benefited from "School after school", "health education" leisure "advice, information and support for children and parents" and forms of support such as catering services (hot meals / day / beneficiary), camps and excursions supplies - games, toys, equipment cognitive, awards in the form of sports equipment, sanitary materials, Christmas gifts, 180 parents (including adoptive parents or substitution, with children in placement) and guardians or other family members of children who belong to the target group mainly benefited the "health education" and "advice, information and support" of 31 professionals / volunteers working with / provide services for children belonging to the main target group (eg, teachers and educators, caregivers, social workers, psychologists, etc. ) attended training programs. Community structures were activated three consultative and have been furnished and equipped inside space of eight schools in Tirgu Neamt, township and village Pipirig Răuceşti, the provision of services for children and parents.

PLUS Funding Facility, 30 children in the target group benefiting from "Meditations on school subjects compulsory admission examenelede" Roma and the number of beneficiaries increased from 25 to 30 children.