Center area of mobilizing local resources for integrated services for children in need.


The project proposed the establishment of a service in Neamt County mobilizing local resources innovative integrated services for children in difficulty, through a regional center in the city of Targu Neamt and three community services in Targu Neamt and municipalities Răuceşti and Pipirig. The project, at least 150 children, of which 25 Roma, serviced type "school after school", "health education", "advice, information and support for children and parents", leisure, made to prevent dropout or their family, improving school attendance and social protection of children and families. Also was pursued enabled community consultative structures in the towns included in the project and the establishment of "resource bank" to support families with children at risk.

Alongside the 150 children who represent the target group and 180 are parents and / or legal representatives - 50 in the city of Targu Neamt, 110 from the village and 20 town Răuceşti Pipirig.

The activities of "school after school" takes place in 5 locations in each community center for children in need and their families. Children go after classes in rooms specially designed to have lunch and to participate in educational activities that take place over 4 hours a day. These include mentoring, homework for the next day and during holidays, various leisure activities. The program includes the distribution of school supplies to children.

Weekly during 16 months of ongoing activities with beneficiaries, organized sessions of guidance and counseling on health education (personal hygiene, cleaning the living quarters and exterior spaces, healthy eating, prevention of unwanted pregnancy and family planning) . Sessions attended by children and parents are supported by health professionals with higher education medium. The sessions lasting 2 hours per week.

The holidays were organized recreational activities, consisting of games to develop creativity, training and educational activities, activities to develop physical fitness and the degree of socialization. To stimulate children's creativity, during the holidays, they made items that were the subject of campaigns for raising resources.

The amount of funding

The project is funded with the support of the RO 10 - choral program financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund, has a total of 1,506,204 (PLUS) lei and takes place over a period of 20 months - March 6, 2015 - October 31, 2016.

Originally expected to finish at 30 April 2016, the project continued for 6 months, the Facility funding PLUS and runs from 1 May to 31 October 2016 and novelty are meditations on subjects compulsory school entrance exams ( math and Romanian) for 30 children, made in order to increase their chances of access to technical and vocational education or high school and obtain a qualification in a position to ensure socio-professional integration easier.